All characters portrayed in this film are fictional…

Stories. Characters. How much of ourselves do we leave in them?

Every newbie writer tends to bring his/her own life to paper because each of us has one big story inside us – ours! But from there on, it seems like a journey without a map or a compass.

So here I am –  in the nth draft of a script, in which live a mother & daughter. The days with my goddaughter have now significantly sharpened my understanding of the mother’s perspective.  So now reworking a few things to incorporate my newfound wisdom! 🙂  So where do these characters end and where do we begin? At some levels the identities merge and that is an interesting spot.

Thank you for the tips for my days with Paru: how did it go? We survived – both of us! I thought the few days would teach me more about my god daughter or myself but it actually taught me lots more about my mother! We had good fun indulging in Italian food, movies, Ruskin Bond, Romeo & Juliet, Malgudi, shopping, gossip, Mohini Attom practice, and lots of Leonardo Di Caprio trivia (!) but I must admit the cool fun godmum stepped on the brakes when the lil one was any less angelic!

All the fun aside, I realised that a crucial part of being a mother (godly or not!) is saying ‘NO’. Yes, it is the hateful part but also seems the indispensable part for anyone with an iota of responsibility.  I took all the advice and was myself – but found myself turning into my mum every now n then- not a conscious effort but an invariable knee-jerk reaction.

12 is definitely not an easy age today. She reminds me a lot of what I was like at 14. Dreamy, a book in my hand, a song on my lips, an opinion on everything, an awareness of being different and an angst to grow up. Quick. A swinging acrobat who has let go of one pole and not yet reached the other.

So both of us in our less-than-perfect ways started to know one another as individuals – which is precious. The first impact of this is on the characters of this screenplay! Am sure they will survive too 🙂


6 thoughts on “All characters portrayed in this film are fictional…

  1. I am not able find a way to access the movie. I tried in almost all the music shops here in Palakkad. Is there an option to buy Manjadikuru online?

  2. congrats on successful completion of the task that kind of worried u sometimes !!! hope there wont be ny probs next time she comes,, n good luck for the movie… looking forward for the phase change of malayalam cinema of which i also want to be a part of , in future..

  3. See? wasn’t that difficult, eh? Wow @ mohiniaattam, my kid sister’s a dancing prodigy herself. Congratulations on the character, close enough to resemble someone you know and yet unique in her own way is she?

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