About AM

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Born in India and raised in the Middle East, Anjali Menon was the quintessential Gulf kid.

In her words – “In 4th grade at school, I put up a song play with my friends. Taught them a song, got costumes & props, and as lil Chinese folks we rehearsed & presented a splendid show for our schoolmates. Since then everyone else grew up and found serious jobs. Not me.”

Anjali Menon received her Bachelors degree in  Commerce from Calicut, India. She then received a Masters in Communication Studies – specialising in Television Production from Pune University, India. Working with producers of educational communication, she gathered experience in documentary filmmaking.

After a stint of television program design & corporate film direction, she moved to London. There she acquired her Masters in the Art & Technique of Film-making (Direction) from the London International Film School.

Her latest film opened to record breaking box office collections while her earlier feature films & shorts have traveled to international film festivals. A reverse migrant herself, her films have reflected themes of the migrant experience and cross cultural interactions. Living in Mumbai,  Anjali Menon continues her work as a writer | director | producer.