About AM


Anjali Menon first directed school girls in pigtails to funny rhymes on stage. She then moved to documentaries as an intern in Pune University.  She dabbled in television program design and corporate films to find her way to London International Film school where she graduated with distinction honours in directing, producing and editing. Her graduation film Black nor White premiered at Palm Springs and won the BFI award for Best Short film.

Anjali works as writer | director | producer of feature films and her Malayalam films have been received well by the audience as well as the critics. A reverse migrant, Anjali Menon’s films have reflected themes of the migrant experience and cross cultural interactions. Her film company Little Films India is based in Mumbai & Kochi. When she is not writing or directing film, Anjali writes on other media, teaches film and plays catch with her son. She hopes to get better at all of the above.