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Manjadikuru [Lucky Red Seeds] is a coming-of-age drama of sixteen days in 1979, seen through the eyes of a 10 year old boy who arrives in a village in Kerala to attend his grandfather’s funeral.

“Beautiful and haunting … rhapsodic” – FIPRESCI review.

Happy Journey

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Kerala Cafe an anthology film by 10 filmmakers about journeys in Kerala. Anjali’s short film Happy Journey was noted for its crisp humour and sharp take on gender politics.

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Ustad Hotel is the story of a grandfather and grandson who discover each other in a quaint restaurant over dollops of Sufi philosophy and Sulaimani tea. Written by Anjali Menon and directed by Anwar Rasheed, the film went on to win the National Awards for Most Popular Film and Best Screenplay [Dialogue] and created records at the box office.

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Bangalore Days, is a tale of three cousins who arrive simultaneously in a new city to find their dreams. A record breaking hit when it released, the film went on to be celebrated across India. The film broke all box office collection records till then and also won a slew of awards for its cast and crew.


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Koode, the story of Joshua a migrant worker who grapples with emotional trauma until he finds solace in illusory fantasy.  The movie had a successful run at the box office and has been lauded for its deep performances and distinct treatment.

Koode revisited by The News Minute