A simple fable about life around USTAD HOTEL – a charming oldworld restaurant on Calicut Beach.

Ustad Hotel - the filmWhen and where did this story begin?

I find myself smiling when I look back. [I believe life is a screenplay where the plot points are buried well :-)]

April 2009 – We were at the first discussion meeting for Kerala Cafe in Kochi. All the directors arrived and I was meeting most of them for the first time. At lunchtime, biryani packets arrived at the table.

It smelled delicious and as I helped myself I asked “where is this biryani from?”, to which Anwar answered with the name of the hotel.

That was my first exchange with Anwar Rasheed. I didn’t know then that in two years time we’d be creating Ustad Hotel together! :-)

Here is the link to the movie’s Facebook Page.